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Facts about Choking and How to Treat It

Choking is when air cannot reach the lungs because its flow is prevented. When an individual is chocked they fail to breathe. When someone chocks for a long time they might get anoxia. Choking is the cause of most deaths in children and over 65 years old adults. Someone can die from choking in a few minutes. Most choking cases occur due to food and consumption of candy and coins. Choking can also be caused by illnesses such as asthma and Febrile Seizures.

Get the individual a choking device. It is a life-saving decision to buy an anti-choking device. Buying a dechoker for your first aid kit is a thoughtful decision. This device is important because it helps in cases of shock emergencies. You can buy an anti-choking device based in the age of the individual. You need to be ready to act in case a loved one chock. You must select a good anti-choking device. The device is very important for someone who is mostly alone.
The age of an individual determines the treatment he or she is going to receive in case they are choking to a point they have turned blue or have stopped breathing. You should attempt abdominal thrusts for an adult or a child above the age of one year. The thrust will help by creating an artificial cough. The airway of the individual is going to be cleared by the forceful thrust. The chest cavity is reduced by forcing the diaphragm upwards forcefully. The thrust is going to force the air out and force whatever is causing the choking to come out.

It is important to know the right way to perform abdominal thrusts. You should let the individual lean forward and stand behind him or her. Put your fist below the midline of the ribs of the in individual. The next step is to make hard movement inwards to help the victim cough out the thing making them chock. In a case of unconsciousness the individual should be laid down on the floor. place the heel of your palms on the abdomen of the victim, one over the other, then make inward and outward movements to help clear the airway of the individual.

There are two ways to do an abdominal thrust if you are alone and have no dechoker. You can either lie on a firm object then thrust yourself on it or carry out a thrust the same way you would on another person. In case of a failed first aid, call 911.

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